Craft Cask Ale

What's On Our Craft Cask Ale Pumps

Our current selection of craft cask ale.


A•W18 Mild

Cloudwater Brewery | ABV 3.5% | £4.00.


Three Peaks 2019

Northern Monk Brewery | ABV 2.8% | £4.00.

The perfect post-race super session IPA. Hopped with El Dorado, Amarillo and Citra for refreshing citrus and stone fruit flavours of orange, lemon, apricot and melon.


Wiper & True | ABV 3.8% | £4.00.

Roasted, biscuity malt character, gentle stone fruit notes and a subtle bitterness combine to create a smooth and balanced beer.

Suspended in Citra

Siren Craft Brew | ABV 4% | £4.00.

Hazy pale with the citra taking the lead. It`s got a huge hit of mango and clementine on first sip, with subtle stone fruit notes in the background.

Manchester Bitter

Marble Brewery | ABV 4.2% | £3.80.

This classic mancunian bitter holds initial citrus aroma that eventually gives way to a full palate and a dry, bitter finish.


Kirkstall & Lervig Collaboration | ABV 4.4% | £4.40.

Session IPA, packed full of hoppy and oaty goodness. Hazy and super soft, this session has flavours of sweet pineapple, candied citrus peel and grapefruit. A beautiful combination of Citra, Denali and Amarillo, combined with the malt bill, makes this a juicy cask brew.

We Bring Scientists, You Bring A Rockstar?

Wild Weather & Staggeringly Good Collaboration | ABV 4.5% | £4.00.

American Pale Ale

Herding Cats

Elusive & Craft Theory Brewers Collaborative | ABV 4.6% | £4.20.

Brewed as the festival beer for Reading's Craft Theory 2019 in collaboration with Siren, Double-Barrelled, West Berkshire and Wild Weather. We used our house Hazy Pale malt bill and yeast strain and went mad with hops and fruit. Vic Secret was used hot side before a two-stage dry-hop with Citra and a sprinkling of Columbus. Peach puree was added during fermentation to push the peach notes of the hops and yeast even further.


Vibrant Forest Brewery | ABV 5% | £4.00.

These golden ales are made to banish blandness. Packed with a single hop variety to accentuate the particular characteristics of the chosen hop, a Vibrant Pale Ale will certainly stimulate the tastebuds!

Liquid Mistress

Siren Craft Brew | ABV 5.8% | £4.00.

A 5.8% west coast bright red ale: burnt raisins and crackers balanced by citrus. Liquid Mistress is our femme fatale – mysterious, seductive and disarming. She draws and charms drinkers with her full, red colours. You will soon desire her biscuit-and-burnt-raisin malt base, and peach and grapefruit spark. Her devious hop hit will steal your breath.

Reassuring Ritual

Cloudwater & Burning Sky Collaboration | ABV 6% | £4.80.

I.P.A. Exclusive collaboration with Burning Sky.

Lonesome Boatman

New Wharf & Ascot Collaboration | ABV 9% | £6.00.

Collaboration with Ascot Brewing. This beer binds together dark and roasted malts to leave a velvety smooth, toasted coconut, silky chocolate finish.