Craft Cask Ale

What's On Our Craft Cask Ale Pumps

Our current selection of craft cask ale.


Maggs' Mild

West Berkshire Brewery | ABV 3.8% | £3.80.

A typical dark mild with a slightly higher hop rate than normally used in milds. Not too sweet and very popular.

Yu lu

Siren Craft Brew | ABV 3.6% | £3.80.

Loose leaf pale ale. Earl Grey tea leaves bring an inherent dry bitterness which is complemented by an American hop profile of Chinook, Citra, Equinox and Amarillo

DDH Nelson Waimea Pale

Almasty Brewery | ABV 4% | £3.80.

A brand new Double Dry Hopped, pale ale combining the light, crisp tones of gooseberry with piney, citrus bite.

Suspended in Secrets

Siren Craft Brew | ABV 4% | £3.80.

Siren's ‘Suspended in…’ Series is heading down under this time out, with Vic Secret taking the lead. Bright aromas of pineapple and fruit punch draw you into a typically fruit-filled taste profile, with juicy orange, a touch of pine and stone fruits all on the palate.

Yacht Casual

Wild Beer & Magic Rock Collaboration | ABV 4.1% | £4.00.

A Transatlantic +Session + Pale collaboration with Magic Rock Brewing. An American Wheat Ale with Azzaca and Simcoe hops.


Vibrant Forest Brewery | ABV 4.5% | £3.80.

Expect masses of tropical fruits bursting from the can as hops and yeast dance to create a sensual panoply of aromas. Oats lend a luxurious mouthfeel and low bitterness helps to accentuate this beer into a long and juicy finish.

Trans Pacific IPA

Mallinsons Brewery | ABV 4.5% | £3.80.

Fresh hop aroma, using American and NZ hops

New England DDH Citra

Almasty Brewery | ABV 4.7% | £4.20.

A hazy pale ale combining a creamy, fulsome mouthfeel and tropical, juicy sweetness with subtleness of shaper citrus tones.


Vibrant Forest Brewery | ABV 5% | £3.80.

Single hopped hazy pale ale

Liquid Mistress

Siren Craft Brew | ABV 5.8% | £3.80.



New Wharf Brewing | ABV 6.3% | £4.20.

A New England Black IPA with a tropical kick, which leads to a light pine finish.

Broken Dream

Siren Craft Brew | ABV 6.5% | £4.20.

A Breakfast Stout with a gentle touch of smoke, coffee and chocolate. She binds smoke and coffee aromas with chocolate, milk and oats to create something thick, velvety and slick. Champion Beer of Britain 2018