Welcome to The Nag's Head website!

The Nag's Head is a CAMRA award-winning pub situated near Reading town centre. Specialising in Keg and Craft Cask, we have 12 hand pumps featuring a constantly changing variety of Craft Casks from predominantly local breweries as well as a selection of delicious ciders and continental lagers!


Our current selection of craft cask beer.

There is no craft cask ale listed on the site currently.


Our current selection of craft keg beer.

664 Mosaic craft beer 01 thumb 1a.png
655 Dwayne  craft beer 01 thumb 1a.png
663 Big, Little Small craft beer 01 thumb 1a.png
665 German Pilsener craft beer 01 thumb 1a.png
661 Black Mass craft beer 01 thumb 1a.jpg


Our current selection of ciders.

12 Happy Daze cider 01 thumb.jpg
54 Rhubarb cider 01 thumb 1a.png
14 Pyder cider 01 thumb.jpg
10 Black Dragon cider 01 thumb.jpg
13 Maverick cider 01 thumb.png
15 Perry cider 01 thumb.jpg
9 Old Rosie cider 01 thumb.png
60 Medium Perry cider 01 thumb 1a.png
62 Sussex Dabinett cider 01 thumb 1a.jpeg
61 Vintage Pip cider 01 thumb 1a.png
22  cider 01 thumb 1a.png
31 Hazy Hog cider 01 thumb.png
32 Thatchers Gold cider 01 thumb.png