What's On Our Whisky List

Our current selection of Whisky.



Tullibardine Sovereign

Tullibardine | ABV 43% | £3.50.

Nose - Soft vanilla and cocoa butter on the nose. White chocolate, allspice and charred oak. Palate -A little mixed peel with notes of pear cider, allspice and creamy chocolate. A core of rich malt with hints of maple syrup. Finish - Spiced, creamy finish. Plenty of vanilla and cinnamon. Overall - A creamy whisky from some truly delicious casks!

Loch Lomond 10 Year

Loch Lomond | ABV 40% | £3.50.

Nose - Apple, Vanilla and Oak Palate - Mouth-watering notes of green apple & vanilla with a gentle hint of smoke

Laphroaig - 10 Year

Laphroaig | ABV 40% | £4.00.

Region - Islay; Nose - Big, smoky peat notes, with spices, liquorice, and a big dose of salt; Palate: Seaweed-led, with a hint of vanilla and more than a whiff of TCP, followed up by oak and spice; Finish - Savoury, tarry notes build up with an iodine hit

Glenlivet 12 Year Old Double Oak

Glenlivet | ABV 40% | £4.00.

Nose - Grassy and floral, with a delicate perfume. Soft citrus notes of lemon and grapefruit, joined by nutty notes of almond and hazelnut. Palate - Soft mouthfeel with elegant orange and lemon notes, then some vanilla and toffee adding richness, but this is a delicate, fine-boned single malt with lovely balance and a refreshing character. Finish - The juicy citrus notes linger, inviting you to take another sip.

Highland Park 10 Viking Scars

Highland Park | ABV 40% | £4.00.

Nose - Subtle Sherry influence, but balanced by heather-y smoke. Palate - Ginger and waxy orange peel. Earthy peat with a another hint of Sherry sweetness buried underneath. Finish - Sea salt and heather once again. A few herbaceous hints of coriander leaf and crushed black pepper.

Cardhu Gold Reserve

Cardhu | ABV 40% | £4.00.

Nose - Rich and mellow, with warm notes of baked apple and toffee. Palate - Initial sweetness cut by crisp orange zest followed by a subtle mineral dryness. Finish - Tangy hints of menthol with velvety cocoa tannins and a grassy herbal not

The Deveron 10

Macduff Distillery's | ABV 40% | £4.50.

Nose Green apple, orange boiled sweeties, a hint of oily malt. Palate Sponge cake, runny honey, plump apricot, slightly buttery. Finish Caramel, peanuts, more zesty apple notes.

Aberlour Casg Annamh

Aberlour | ABV 48% | £4.50.

A single malt whisky aged in Spanish oak Oloroso barrels. Orange, cherry and ginger on the nose with flavours of apple, cinnamon and cloves.

Jura 14

Jura | ABV 40% | £4.50.

Nose - Zesty wafts of fresh lemon peel and candied orange open things up followed by mint leaves and blossom. Palate - Floral notes continue, with more fresh herbs. Sweet caramelised nuts, juicy tropical fruits, buttery vanilla, crisp spiced apple with fragrant cinnamon and oak char. Finish - Still fruity, the woody spice picks up with prickles of warming pepper, balanced by sweet, nutty caramel.

Aerstone 10 Sea Cask

Aerstone | ABV 40% | £4.50.

Nose - Buttery toffee, creamy vanilla, freshly baked shortbread, honeyed malt, orange citrus and a dusting of cinnamon and cocoa. Palate - Floral malt, nougat, vanilla sponge and more honey, with orange sweeties, icing sugar and earthy oak. Finish - Notes of clove, candied lemon and vanilla pod linger, as a pinch of salt appears on the finish.

Inchmurrin Madeira Wood Finish

Loch Lomond | ABV 46% | £5.00.

Region - Highland; Nose - Some juicy malt and stone fruit, lime peel and crushed almond; Palate - Rounded nutty toffee, sweet wood spice, a hint of pot pourri and citrus; Finish - Oak and dry barley.

Auchentoshan Distiller's Art

Auchentoshan | ABV 48% | £5.50.

Nose - Hay, honey and vanilla Palate - Apricot and orange notes




Paddy | ABV 40% | £3.50.

Nose - Oily and fresh with floral notes, cereal grains and plenty of fruit; Palate - Sweet and medium-bodied with toffee and cereals, a rosewater note with a little butterscotch and vanilla; Finish - The finish is spicy and dry with a little black pepper

Bushmills - 10 Year

Bushmills | ABV 40% | £3.50.

Nose - Banana skins; Palate - Medium, very fruity, chocolate pudding; Finish - Floral, tannic.

The Sexton Single Malt

Sexton | ABV 40% | £4.00.

Nose - honeyed malt and dark chocolate, with hints of marzipan and mixed spice. Palate - dried fruit, nuts, spice and citrus oil, Finish - a lingering sweet finish of honey and oak.

Connemara Peated

Connemara | ABV 40% | £4.00.

Nose - Smoky and peaty, heather fresh, with floral notes, honey, and a little wood; Palate - Full and smooth with notes of malt and peat, honeyed smoke and barley sweetness; Finish - Long and pungent with honey and peat smoke.

Jameson Select Reserve Small Batch

Jameson | ABV 43% | £4.00.

Nose - Butterscotch, fudge and creamy toffee; Palate - Nutty notes are in abundance with alongside the smooth sweetness, spice and vanilla; Finish - Intense, toasted wood and vanilla.


Tyrconnell | ABV 43% | £4.00.

Nose - Melted butter, honeyed cereal and a touch of orange pith; Palate - Rich vanilla and soft fudge, with a touch of granary toast underneath; Finish - Lingering nutmeg spiciness and a touch of drying oak.

Tullamore D.E.W 14 Year

Tullamore D.E.W | ABV 41.3% | £5.00.

A 14 year old, triple distilled Irish single malt whiskey from the Tullamore DEW range, which has been finished in Bourbon, Port, Madeira and Oloroso Sherry casks.

Bushmills Sherry Cask

Bushmills | ABV 40% | £5.00.

matured in oloroso sherry casks to give it a distinctive sweet flavour with lingering notes of pineapple.

Brabazon Series 1

Teeling | ABV 49.5% | £6.00.

Nose - Earthy dried fruit & roasted hazelnut, with marmalade, peach, plum & burnt toffee. Palate - Rich Sherry sweetness, red berries, nuttiness & toffee, hints of liquorice & clove. Finish - Mixed spice, trail-mix, crisped marshmallow, tannins & spice with toasted wood.



Tenjaku Whisky

Tenjaku | ABV 40% | £4.50.

Nose - Faint smoky accent. Sweet aroma, redolent of pear and dried fruit. Palate - Well-rounded and mellow Finish - Slightly spicy. A long finish with a hint of white oak and a spreading sweetness.

Nikka From The Barrel

Nikka | ABV 51.4% | £5.50.

Nose: Medium-body with notes of cut flowers, fresh fruits, spice, and a little oak; Palate - Plenty of winter spice and toffee, a little caramel and vanilla and a good mouthful of fruit; Finish - Long, warming and fruity with a little oaken spice.