What's On Our Lager Pumps

Our current selection of lagers. Numbers go from right to left when facing the bar.


Renegade Lager

ABV 4.1% | £4.80.

Brewed using 100% British ingredients, this pilsner-style lager is crisp, clean and utterly refreshing.

Krombacher Pils

ABV 4.8% | £5.00.

A distinctive, finely bitter taste and a full-flavoured aroma. Modern production processes enhance the traditional recipe whilst complimenting the natural products that have been used for generations to create the unique brew that is Krombacher Pils.

Paulaner Munich Lager

ABV 4.9% | £5.00.

Paulaner M√ľnchner Hell is a golden lager with a full malty body, balanced by an elegant hoppy bite and a crisp, refreshing finish.

Ding - Double Barrelled

ABV 4.9% | £5.40.

Soft easy drinking Keller style Lager. Classic German hops Hallertau Mittelfruh & Perle coupled with Munich malts, give this beer light floral aromas with a touch of grass & spice.

Santo - Siren

ABV 5.0% | £5.00.

Siren's take on a lager. Full of American hops, working in harmony to offer subtle tropical fruit notes and bright citrus flavours. It pours with a delicate haze and a striking aroma.