Craft Cask Ale

What's On Our Craft Cask Ale Pumps

Our current selection of craft cask ale.


Pressed Rat & Warthog

Triple fff Brewery | ABV 3.8% | £4.80.

Ruby coloured, dark chocolate aroma with hints of blackcurrant and plum leads to a soft yet full roast flavour, fruit and malt vying with the rounded hoppy bittersweet finish.

Pale 3

Three Legs Brewing | ABV 3.7% | £4.60.

Low ABV and bitterness with big Columbus and cascade hop additions in the whirlpool and the fermenter for lots of aroma.


Siren Craft Brew | ABV 3.8% | £4.80.

Wholesome best bitter designed to be true to this iconic beer style, with only a few respectful tweaks. Expect biscuit and caramel flavours from our malts, balanced by English hops with grassy, herbal and citrus notes and refreshing bitterness.

Memoirs of A Summer Geezer

Disruption Is Brewing | ABV 4.2% | £4.80.

Even Geezers need a holiday. This is our summer take on our Modern Bitter. Featuring Kazbek and Lemondrop hops to give it some sunny vibes

Little Windmill

Pentrich Brewing | ABV 4.2% | £4.80.

A light and hoppy naturally hazy pale ale brewed with Simcoe and Mosaic hops.

Chimay Shelter

Bristol Beer Factory | ABV 4.4% | £4.80.

The iconic Chimay Blonde yeast takes centre stage in this Belgian session IPA. Brewed with Germany's Mandarina Bavaria alongside U.S Amarillo for an an orange and citrus boost


Elusive & New Bristol Collaboration | ABV 4.7% | £4.80.

Inspired by a San Franciscan classic, this easy going Amber Lager carries delicate notes of caramel atop a crisp lager base with a noble hop character punctuating the sweetness with a snappy bitterness.

Goodens Gold

Flower Pots Brewery | ABV 4.8% | £4.80.

A classic beer in the modern 'Golden Ale' style, with a superb gold colour and fullness in the mouth, which come from a subtle mixture of lightly caramelised malts. Packed full of powerful but fruity North American hops giving a good level of bitterness

Jolly Green

Brew York & Left Handed Giant Collaboration | ABV 5.0% | £5.40.

This vibrant ale showcases a harmonious blend of Galaxy, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops, delivering a burst of tropical and citrus flavours. Expect juicy notes of passionfruit, mango, and berries, balanced with subtle pine and earthy undertones.

Oregon Trail

Elusive Brewing | ABV 5.8% | £5.40.

Big on the hops here with lots of Simcoe, Chinook and Columbus for a classic take on the West Coast IPA style. Big on bitterness too, to balance out the malt body.


Five Towns & Fernandes Collaboration | ABV 7.3% | £6.00.

Single hop pale brewed with Harlequin hops

Shadow Of Darkness

Disruption Is Brewing | ABV 5.0% | £4.80.

Adapted from a classic, award-winning recipe. Dark coffee, bitter chocolate with a damning portion of oats gives this stout the ultimate smooth and luscious mouthfeel to die for. Stout