Craft Keg Beer

What's On Our Craft Keg Pumps

Our current selection of craft keg beers.


Limoncello IPA

Siren Craft & Hill Farmsted | ABV 9.1% | £9.00.

A malt base of pilsner and wheat creates a subtle crisp backbone that is kettle soured. We add lactose to hint at the mouthfeel and sweetness of the liqueur, balance it with lemon zest and juice for sharpness, then round everything off with lemony, citrus-led hops. One of our all time favourites.


Wild Weather | ABV 8% | £6.60.

Blueberry stout

Neck Oil

Beavertown | ABV 4.3% | £5.40.

Light, crisp and refreshing with punchy notes of citrus peel and light pine, nicely balanced with slightly sweet biscuity malt throughout, finishing with a medium grapefruit bitterness.


Vibrant Forest | ABV 5% | £5.40.

This balanced beer blends the traditional Dunkel Weisse flavours with modern German hop flavours. The flavour hits you immediately with toffee and caramel from the rich malty base, whilst the yeast develops strong banana flavours. The Mandarina Hops fortify this with rich waves of orange and grapefruit that lead into a long, pithy, finish.


Tiny Rebel | ABV 4.3% | £6.00.

Raspberry kettle sour

Cannon Fire

Hop Hooligans | ABV 5.7% | £6.60.

Coconut Porter


Beavertown & Caravan | ABV 9% | £9.60.

A big ol’ stout brewed over 200 kg of roasted beans. Full on roasty, bittersweet coffee with hickory & treacle richness.

Dios De La Guerra

Siren Craft & Naparbier Collaboration | ABV 8.5% | £7.20.

Seasonal ale fermented through winter and celebrating spring. The result is an aromatic farmhouse ale with delicate chamomile, floral, hibiscus and sharp citrus notes.