Craft Keg Beer

What's On Our Craft Keg Pumps

Our current selection of craft keg beers.


Sound Wave Sessions 'Tropical Sour'

Siren Craft | ABV 4.5% | £5.40.

Accentuating the trademark tropical fruit notes of Sound Wave with mango and passionfruit puree, and then kettle soured to make the beer even more refreshing than usual.

Thunder Trilby

Wild Weather & Mad Hatter | ABV 7% | £6.00.

Grapefruit sour IPA


Bone Machine | ABV 3.8% | £5.40.

Dry-Hopped Nordic Table Beer

Pamplemousse Sour

Mad Hatter & Waen | ABV 3.9% | £4.80.

For International Women's Day Sue from Waen headed over for a brew. This grapefruit sour is a perfect combination of her Pamplemousse pale and our kettle sours.

Berlinda White

Three Blind Mice | ABV 3.3% | £4.80.

A citrus Berliner Weiss with clean crisp citrus sour flavours

Kolibri Sour

Chorlton | ABV 5.2% | £6.00.

Sour IPA

Ink & Dagger

Amundsen | ABV 6.5% | £6.00.

Modern day IPA Think wet tropical grass, pineapple and mango freshness all crammed into this self-proclaimed hop bomb.

Red Berry Sour Shake

Siren Craft | ABV 5.6% | £6.00.

This one is all about the sharp, tangy berries, with an acidic kick coming from the kettle-soured base, and a sweet balance and creamy mouthfeel from the lactose.